07/06/23 Our recently published paper presents four data sets combining the SocioPatterns platform with surveys to understand conferences.
07/12/22 We discuss how computational models help understanding inequality in social phenomena in this SIAM News piece.
18/11/22 In this preprint, we expose the inadequacies of nominal assortativity for assessing homophily in networks.
27/06/22 Our work on inequality in face-to-face gatherings is published in Nature Communications Physics.
04/01/22 Fresh on arxiv: we uncover states of predictability in human mobility.
01/12/21 Paper on the inadequacy of using crime rates per capita to rank cities was just published in the Crime Science journal.
19/07/21 We are organizing the Exeter School on Urban Analytics as the second week of the Sustainability Summer Programme at the University of Exeter.
22/06/21 We examine how homophily drives inequality in face-to-face gatherings in this new preprint.
30/12/20 Check out a fresh new preprint on the scaling laws of crime and the inadequacy of using crime rates per capita to rank cities.
29/12/20 We investigate how people navigate on the Web and characterize our tendency to follow online routines (paper accepted in ICWSM 2021).
25/05/20 Our paper on networks and swarm intelligence is online in Applied Network Science.
10/06/19 Submit your work to Structure and Dynamics of Crime, a special issue in the Applied Network Science journal.
18/01/19 We are organizing the fourth NetCrime (Symposium on the Structure and Mobility of Crime) at NetSci 2019.
10/01/19 Our preprint with an overview of spatial concentration and temporal regularities in crime is out on arXiv.
09/11/18 Check out our new preprint on computational swarm intelligence and network science.
27/09/18 Read our post on the SpringerBlog about listening to the changes in the urban rhythms.
26/09/18 Our latest work on temporal regularities in crime is online in EPJ Data Science.
07/04/18 I gave a short tutorial at Complexity72h on performing embarrassingly parallel data analysis with IPython.